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14-Feb-2018 15:20

I also met my guy through the online dating arena and he felt the same way I did about phone calls and meeting.

I prefer to hold off on exchanging numbers until I have established that he is someone I actually want to meet. I did have to change my number due to a wacko calling me at all hours for a while, so I am even more apprehensive about giving a number out so quickly.

My profile is very tame - albeit conservative and I am surprised by this response. Generally speaking, how long should you wait before you connect by phone or in person?

Also, I seem to only find men who mark off their religion as "other." What does that mean? I recently tried on-line dating in hopes of genuinely meeting someone.

Yes, I met my husband that way and yes, we've been married over 10 years. Once, even a parking lot because the guy had met so many women who claimed to have only a few extra pounds, when in reality they lied big time both about their weight and their age.

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But I guess it's a good way to weed out the undesirables.Sometimes for the better, more often than not, for the worse. I realized all the time I'd wasted trying to figure out if any of them was "the one." When I decided to start meeting them right away - like the first day or so, I saved a ton of time, and actually enjoyed the process more. On my last job--and the one I'm trying for now--I worked 12 hour shifts on my feet with two 15 minute breaks, time permitting, and a mandatory half hour for lunch. I'm not going to spend any of it texting or talking on the phone.

I'm going to get off my feet and relax while I can.As far as how long to wait, until and if you're both ready to meet. It didn't work out romantically but we're best of friends and roommates now. if you are an adult you should realize that certain issues such as work are more important than texting you back the minute you receive a text.I waited nearly two years before I met someone in person I met online and that was after talking on the phone nearly every day and emailing daily. I prefer to talk to someone on the phone after a few emails. Some ppl just want to meet and if they don't like what they see they don't want to waste their time to get to know you. If they don't respond for a couple of days then it is probably a sign that they are just 'not that in to you'. Go for coffee rather than a meal so if either of you want to make a quick get a way then it is easier over coffee.Only because you get into this rhythm of emailing each other back and forth for WEEKS sometimes - and finally when you get around to setting a time to talk on the phone, or just meet for coffee, you realize the online connection doesn't translate over to the physical world.

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