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12-Oct-2017 15:19

ECAL has boosted her ambition and creativity including her technical skills and given her a chance to develop her competitive edge.

It is particularly the stimulative aspect of the "design world" that pushes her to constantly be creative and innovative in every aspect of her studies and daily life.

What little of our economy was still thriving on vacation dollars will end.

Home purchases will fall even further than before because of the extreme hike in travel expenses required for families to move. The EU will comply due to their dependency on Russian energy.

After spending most of her life in her hometown Stockholm, she decided to take on the challenge of learning a new language and, therefore, she moved to Switzerland in 2012 to learn French.

Erika have cultivated her passion for design and entrepreneurship since she was 16 years old that lead her to undertake a Bachelor program in Media & Interaction Design at ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Then, after few days of drying the block is cut into thin sections up to 30 micro millimeters.

Fascinated by the range of textures, and color possibilities depending on the typology of soils.

SHTFplan Editor’s note: In the following analysis Brandon Smith of Alt Market offers up one of the most insightful articles you’ve ever read on the potential sequence of events that may occur over the next several years.

I choose to value those materials by creating two collections of unique jewelries inspired by Nasa’s Mars cliches of dunes and comets impacts, the shapes are guided by the images.

Erika is a 25 year old Swedish student in Media & Interaction Design at ECAL.

11) Russia will threaten to limit or cut off all natural gas exports to the EU if they attempt to join with the U. 12) Russia will position naval forces in the Mediterranean to place pressure on the U. I feel the possibility of Russia initiating direct confrontation with the U. is limited, mainly because countries like Russia and China do not need to engage the U. through force of arms in order to strike a painful blow.

13) China and Russia will finally announce their decision to drop the dollar completely as the world reserve currency.S., and a vital part of that analysis included economic destabilization caused by a loss of the dollar’s world reserve status and petro-status.I have also always made clear that this fiscal crisis event would not occur in the midst of a political vacuum. trained, armed, and funded the insurgency using Al Qaeda operatives. Israel has aided the rebels using air strikes within Syria’s borders (even though this means that the Israeli government is essentially helping their supposed mortal enemies).It appears that the establishment is dead set on starting this chain reaction and accelerating the global collapse. Obama will continue unilaterally (or with the continued support of Israel and Saudi Arabia), placing even more focus on the U. 4) Iran will immediately launch troops and arms in support of Syria.

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