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The central banks and international financiers that created our ongoing and developing disaster are NOT going to allow the destruction of the American economy, the dollar, or global markets without a cover event designed to hide their culpability. Something so big that the average citizen is overwhelmed with fear and confusion. I have been warning about the Syrian trigger point for a very long time. This war would NOT be taking place today without the express efforts of the West. If one takes more than a brief examination of the Syrian insurgency, they would find an organization of monsters. created and unleashed these demons, and now, we the people are being asked by the White House to support them through force of arms. The goal, I believe, is to utterly transform the world’s political, economic, and social systems.A smoke and mirrors magic trick so raw and soul shattering it leaves the very population of the Earth mesmerized and helpless to understand the root of the nightmare before them. Syria’s mutual defense pact with Iran, its strong ties to Russia, the Russian naval base off its coast, the advanced Russian weaponry in it’s arsenal, its proximity to vulnerable oil shipping lanes, all make the nation a perfect catalyst for a global catastrophe. Wretched amoral wetwork ghouls whose crimes have been thoroughly documented, including the mass executions of unarmed captured soldiers, the torture and beheading of innocent civilians, the mutilation and cannibalism of dead bodies, and the institution of theological tyranny on a terrified populace. The goal is to generate intense fear; fear that can be used as capital to buy, as the globalists call it, a “new world order”.Special thanks to: Michel Ferla (EHL), Dario Floreano the Director of Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (EPFL).SHTFplan Editor’s note: In the following analysis Brandon Smith of Alt Market offers up one of the most insightful articles you’ve ever read on the potential sequence of events that may occur over the next several years.

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This science field is using the same principle, but for a microscopic study's purpose. A part of the soil is selected and extracted, then in a laboratory, a resin is poured on it to fix the soil block.

I choose to value those materials by creating two collections of unique jewelries inspired by Nasa’s Mars cliches of dunes and comets impacts, the shapes are guided by the images.

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