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22-Sep-2017 00:26

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I’m thinking why did he use a charger cord for video camera (or maybe cell phone, they don’t even know for sure) to hang himself?

If you’re contemplating suicide, does charger cable come to mind? Park Yong Ha’s whole life was broadcasted on TV since the beginning of his career, and now we can see them on You Tube. His childhood, his parents, his first love, his girlfriend, his work, funny stories about him, etc.

Eugene and Park were known to be dating as they starred together in drama 'Loving You' in 2002, but they broke up shortly after the drama ended.유진, 전 애인 故박용하 빈소 다녀와 "생명은 소중한 것" 심경고백 그룹 SES 출신 배우 유진이 옛 연인 故박용하의 빈소를 다녀와 팬들에게 심경을 전했다.

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haven't heard that loving you will be aired in GMA...- Respect the right of other users to share their opinion.Comments which break the rules will be moderated or erased.It’s moot to discuss how utterly satisfied I was that he was cast as the lead in the K-drama remake of one of my favorite movies ever, .