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Winamp 5.x Component List (full list/details of Winamp installation options) Before you ask for help make sure you delete gen_from the winamp\plugins directory.-Does not read/support ID3v2 or Lyrics3 tags (reads ID3v1 tags only).But, if you really need to backup any config files, full details can be found here. Uninstall i) Check to see if you've installed any other 3rd party plugins that also may have created entries in Add/Remove Programs (eg. If so, uninstall these before Winamp* Note: In Winamp 5.5x this also includes the 3 bundled items on the 'Get the Most out of Winamp' page in the Installer Options: Winamp Remote (Orb Networks), Winamp Toolbar (AOL), Emusic Icon & Offer.ii) Uninstall Winamp via Add/Remove Programs Control Panel iii) Delete any leftover files, if any still exist: -Delete the "C:\Program Files\Winamp" dir -Delete the contents of the %App Data%\Winamp folder (more info).Note: Winamp 5.5x saves settings here by default, unless you upgraded from an older version where 'shared' setups (settings saved to the Program Files\Winamp folder) are still respected.

Important: If the problems persist after carrying out all the instructions below, please read this section before posting on the forums.

Native MP3Pro support will NEVER be implemented in Winamp, mainly due to licensing issues/costs and the fact that it is a truly lousy and dead format.

More info about AACPlus You only need to do a clean install if you are experiencing problems that cannot be resolved using any other method.

this part is optional, so you can skip straight to part 2 if you don't want to backup anything (playlists, media library, bookmarks, skins, plugins, presets, etc). EQF files * The remote cddb database = Plugins\Gracenote\* The local cddb database = Plugins\& (pre 5.31: Plugins\in_| 5.31-5.35: cdinfo.db3) * The Playlist Generator database: Plugins\Gracenote\& * The skins in the Skins dir (or files) Don't backup the Plugins dir, not unless you know for sure there's one or more rare / hard to find plugins or avs presets in there.

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Save (mainly applicable to people who use one single large playlist all the time). ii) Close Winamp iii) Navigate to the Winamp settings folder via 'My Computer' Usually %App Data%\Winamp (for multi-user setups / more info) Or: C:\Program Files\Winamp (for old 'shared' setups on upgrades) Here is the list of files that some people might want to backup: * The bookmark list = * Any saved EQ presets = winamp. In which case, just backup the plugins & presets of your choice, not the whole folder.

%App Data%\Winamp is usually found at "C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Winamp" (Win2k/XP), or "C:\Users\(username)\App Data\Roaming\Winamp" (Vista), though you can just type %App Data%\Winamp into the Windows address bar (or via: Start - Run) and hit Enter.

Apr 14, 2012. I just spent about 30 minutes trying to figure out why my file was not updating on MAMP. This is not MAMP Pro–if you are using pro then edit it in the template. So, I'm hoping that this post will help those of you who are having issues doing the same. First. Where is the file located?… continue reading »

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Aug 29, 2017. I've got those issues resolved now, but according to the release notes for WHM 66, the MulitPHP INI Editor in WHM 66 saves changes to the file rather than the file. When there is an update of WHM or PHP that involves changes to the file, will my custom settings be lost and have to be.… continue reading »

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