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Puzzle = NPUA80022 / NPJA00003 JAM Live Music Arcade = NPUB30623 Journey = NPUA80275 / NPEA00288 / NPHA80188 / NPJA00070 Learning With The Poo Yoos Episode 2 = NPUB30612 - (Episode 1 requires EBOOT modification so it won't work) Lemmings = NPUA80012 / NPEA00004 Magic 2013 - Duels Of The Planeswalkers = NPUB30627 / NPEB00819 Magic 2014 - Duels Of The Planeswalkers = NPUB30933 / NPEB01218 / NPJB00298 Mega Man 9 = NPUB30036 Mega Man 10 = NPUB30114 Minecraft = NPUB31419 / NPEB01899 / NPJB00549 Motorstorm RC = NPUA80678 / NPEA00333 / / NPHA80190 / NPJA00077 Nucleus = NPUA80064 / NPEA00015 PAYDAY: The Heist = NPUA30073 / NPEA00331 Pinballistik - NPUB30110 / NPEB00222 - (Download and activate demo from PSN first, then install unlock .edat's) Pixel Junk Eden = NPUA80160 / NPEA00089 / NPHB00038 / NPJB00007 Pixel Junk Monsters Encore = NPUA80108 / NPEA00068 / NPHB00025 / NPJB00003 Pixel Junk Racers = NPUA80100 / NPEA00053 Play Memories Studio = NPEB00873 Qure Episodes 7,11 - NPUA80191 - (No protection, no activation) Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic = NPUA80217 / NPEA00103 / NPJA90107 Rainbow Moon = NPUB30434 / NPEB00486 Red Johnson's Chronicles = NPUB30582 / NPEB00673 Red Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All = NPUB30630 Renegade Ops = NPUB30406 / NPEB00446 Rocketmen: Axis Of Evil = NPUB30018 / NPEB00021 / NPHB00012 Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse Episode 1 = NPUB30185 / NPEB00181 - (Episodes 2-5 require EBOOT modification so they won't work) Sam & Max Season 2: Beyond Time And Space Episode 1 = NPUB30498 - (Episodes 2-5 require EBOOT modification so they won't work) Savage Moon = NPUA80228 / NPEA00104 / NPHA80056 Sky Fighter = NPUB30144 Star Strike HD = NPHA80003 / NPJA00012 Star Wars Pinball = NPUB31132 / NPEB01260 Super Rub'a'Dub = NPEA00016 / NPHA80049 / NPJA00013 Super Stardust HD = NPUA80068 / NPEA00014 Tales From The Borderlands = NPUB31454 / NPEB01980 Tales Of Monkey Island Chapter 1 = NPUB30283 / NPEB00265 - (Episodes 2-5 require EBOOT modification so they won't work) Tell Tale Games' Poker Night At The Inventory 2 = NPUB31210 Ter Rover = NPUA30037 / NPHB00257 The Walking Dead: Episodes 1-6 = NPUB30741 / NPEB00957 The Walking Dead Season 2: Episodes 1-5 = NPUB31404 / NPEB01911 The Wolf Among Us: Episodes 1-5 = NPUB31376 / NPEB01881 Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - NPUA80858 / NPEA00422 Under Siege = NPUB30608 / NPEB00794 Urban Trial Freestyle - NPEB01238 / NPJB00470 Wip Eout HD = NPUA80105 / NPEA00057 / NPHA80039 / NPJA00031 Zen Pinball 2 = NPUB30573 / NPEB00911 (this is only a list of content I added to the original PSNDL database when PSNStuff was dead which is now merged into the new alive and kicking PSNStuff database.

Just keeping for history.) PSN Alien: Isolation - NPEB01921 Assassin's Creed: Rogue - Templar Edition - NPEB02064 Best Of Arcades Games - NPUB31413 / NPEB01891 Best Of Board Games - NPUB31412 / NPEB01904 Biohazard HD Remaster - NPJB00653 Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 - NPEB00371 Blood Of The Werewolf - NPUB31493 Bloodrayne: Crimson Slayer - NPJB00609 Burnout CRASH!

Download here: Database (as free host quickly reach limit, I will update latest db here when i can): Database (extract it in psn Stuff directory if you want icons to show): link should stay the same for now, even after updating files. @johnybb for his ideas @ bug submition Everyone, for their share Special more Credits to Yutolio, thanks to his/her hard work, the database is always growing up, him/her and and an Anonymous person are providing 50% (or even more) of the database, feel free to thanks them.

Please note it is hard for me to handle 2 version and do so many checks because of unstable server. @Yutolio for many new database entries @sguerrini97 for his server and his Q_PSN which gave me motivation to do this. Check his thread to download databases for use with psn Stuff X: put together custom database files for use with PSNStuff that contains the properly already patched files needed for OFW users.

I will maintain updates as long as people send submits. Database: C00 game type changed Note: image database must be downloaded separately using the link provided and extracted to your psnstuff directory --- Read news tab for more infos --- I added a x64 version, it offer a lot of adventages: memory limit increased, usefull for OFW database support for gz compressed database it will by default download compressed database from server, reducing server load you should use it if you can, normal release should only be used by Windows XP users.

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TRIP Presents Runner 2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien = NPUB30733 / NPEB00947 Black Knight Sword = NPUB30719 / NPEB00859 / NPJB00154 Blacklight: Tango Down = NPUB30224 / NPEB00365 Blokus = NPUB30367 / NPEB00373 / NPHB00288 / NPJB00103 Blood Knights = NPUB31394 / NPEB00981 / NPEB01901 Blood Of The Werewolf = NPUB31493 Bloodrayne: Betrayal = NPUB30377 / NPEB00716 Bloodrayne: Crimson Slayer = NPJB00609 Bomberman ULTRA = NPUB30051 Brain Challenge = NPUB30158 / NPEB00171 / NPJB90226 Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons = NPUB30989 / NPEB01201 / NPJB00568 Burger Time World Tour = NPUB30384 / NPEB00646 Burnout CRASH!Or, if you aren’t interested in dating, you can use Fishing Passions solely as a Fishing focused social network, since it has all the major features found on large social networking sites.I squirm at the thought of touching a worm and really only would like to see a fish seasoned and grilled with a nice lemon wedge to garnish.= NPUB30272 / NPEB00306 / NPHB00300 Faery: Legends Of Avalon = NPUB30250 / NPEB00328 / NPHB00343 Far Cry Classic = NPUB30737 / NPEB00989 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon = NPUB31142 / NPEB01322 Far Cry 4: Keys To Kyrat = NPUB31470 / NPEB01982 Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown = NPUA30006 / NPEA00132 FEZ = NPUB31448 / NPEB01893 Final Exam = NPUB31258 / NPEB01409 / NPJB00546 Flock!

= NPUB30052 / NPEB00078 / NPHB00073 Foosball 2012 = NPUB30674 / NPEB00987 Forest Legends: The Call Of Love = NPUB31407 / NPEB01924 Fret Nice = NPUB30147 / NPEB00170 Frogger Hyper Arcade Edition = NPUB30578 / NPEB00747 From Dust = NPUB30418 / NPEB00466 Funky Lab Rat = NPUB30339 / NPEB00349 Galaga Legions DX = NPUB30321 / NPEB00333 / NPHB00261 / NPJB00080 Gatling Gears = NPUB30454 / NPEB00510 / NPHB00419 / NPJB00614 Germinator = NPUB30882 / NPEB01104 Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams = NPUB31272 / NPEB01338 / NPJB00476 Girl Fight = NPUB30736 / NPEB01036 God Mode = NPUB31140 / NPEB01300 Gotham City Impostors = NPUB30252 / NPEB00239 - (Must be logged into PSN to play) Gravity Crash = NPUA80292 / NPEA00154 / NPHA80076 / NPJA00047 Guacamelee!

= NPEB00529 / NPHB00356 / NPJB00139 Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare - NPEB02088 Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Commander's Challenge - NPEB00124 Crysis 3 - NPEB01234 Deadfall Adventures: Heart Of Atlantis - NPUB31589 / NPEB02100 Deadstorm Pirates - NPEB00409 Destiny - NPEB02021 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition - NPEB02026 / NPEB02027 Di RT 3 - NPEB00848 Far Cry 4: Keys To Kyrat - NPUB31470 / NPEB01982 FIFA 15 - NPEB02045 FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - NPEB01947 Frozen Synapse Prime - NPEB01361 Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - NPUA80075 Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom - NPUA80983 Killzone 3 Multiplayer - NPUA70167 / NPJA00071 Luftrausers - NPEB01353 Madden NFL 15 - NPEB02018 NHL 15 - NPEB02030 Plants Vs.

Also gone is the replaceable battery, meaning that with a maximum of six hours battery life, the PSP Go won't go the distance on a long-haul flight -… continue reading »

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Play games offline without updating PS4. was just for connecting to PSN to play games online without updating. for PSP and PS3 etc as you.… continue reading »

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Download Here - PSNStuff+ PSP Database v0.3.15 Changed one of the servers, pleasedownload new version from mediafire link if you can't from app---… continue reading »

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Best Answer some new games require 5.55 firmware. if the game requires some firmware theres hardly any chance of running it on lower ones. Id update.… continue reading »

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