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Plenty more fish in the sea or at least on the dating sites.Plenty who want dates and company on there keep dipping your toes in and take what you want.With all the information available on profiles, there’ll be lots to talk about and it’ll be easy to get an email conversation going, even if you’re usually the shy and retiring type.DO keep an open mind and remember why you joined an online dating site in the first place.That’s the beauty of online dating: there are plenty more clicks in the C drive, as it were.Basically i been having some cheeky fun with a guy i meet on dating site...i know i know ..Don't over think men there aren't hidden meanings or meaningful silences.Say what you want and listen to what they want n take things from there.

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The apps makers reckon that while offering a reason seems harsh, it’s actually kinder than ghosting, as it leaves no false hope and allows both of you to move on.Maybe it’s difficult to get out in the evenings because of caring commitments.The point is, you probably joined because it’s a way of meeting new people, so don’t be afraid of chatting to someone who isn’t your usual ‘type’; it could be that your type isn’t really right for you after all. Whether it’s being stood up or being told that ‘there just isn’t that spark’ when you thought it was all going swimmingly, you should be ready to put it behind you, dust yourself off and start again.i dont want a full on thing just now but at least a proper weekend boyfriend????????