Pretending busy dating online dating for professionals in

12-Jul-2017 13:59

He has very crazy work hours (some type of consulting firm) and he is also a couch/president of a sports club. But if he is seeing other people and I am not his type, I want to know. These first meeting should really be no longer than one hour. I understand where the man is coming from as far as being busy.

Make your own choice and live with your decision.i agreaa with the lady that said hes keeping his options open . if you keep chassing him he wil know you wil be around whenever he is done running around a cycle It seems like he is too busy, and the distance is probly an issue. He's interested, but doesn't know when he can commit to doing anything about it, and he's giving you the choice, either wait around for him or move on. There's no right our wrong answer, you can either wait or move on OP, if this guy was really interested you'd know it and wouldn't be questioning it.His reply was:"I am definitely interested in you... But I have asked someone to wait in the past and it didn't work out and felt guilty. I think you should do what you want or need, even if that's to move on. And when the smoke clears from this work craziness, if you're still available, then you'll see me knocking on your door. Him asking someone to wait in the past and it didn't work out translates for me as 'so it won't work out~don't keep on contacting me.'If he's genuinely too busy to date then he shouldn't start anything with people in the first place, however my vibes are telling me he's not that busy, he's just trying to be polite, hopes you'll get bored with it and move on.. His intentions may be well intended but you have declared your interest and he is still too busy to make time for you...... I've just joined and only found the forums today, but it appears the success rate is rather poor and many are still looking months and I think I read one posting that stated more than a year!!!!But if not, I'll totally understand..."My questions: Is he really interested and I should give him some time? If that is the case then move on and if progress is slow, he may return in the fullness of time."Since then, we've been texting back and forth for 3 weeks (I have to admit, I text more than he does). An hour away , in another city, is not practical for anything.

He says he thinks of me, complements me, but he never called me or asked for a second date. After giving him a couple of hints that I want to meet again, I finally got the courage to ask him: what am I waiting for? If I am waiting for him to find some time to ask me out again, that's fine, I can wait. So you could potentially have 14 first meetings in two weeks with 14 different guys, and see who feels the best to you. Next time, with anyone, meet them within 1 or 2 days, 5 at the most. No more chatting for months without meeting, that is just plain stupid.I'd suggest quit texting him and get really busy yourself, dating other guys and not wasting time waiting on this guy.Never make a guy your priority who only makes you an option as he'll start to see you as a doormat. I do not know what's old fashion about only dating one man at a time, the old fashion way was to date several people at a time and not 'go steady' with any one until you find some one to be serious about.That whole "too busy" line is annoying and total BS.