Problem updating avg antivirus

06-May-2017 23:50

The good news is that the free edition (Avira Anti Vir Personal) does not include Pro Activ, so it is not affected.

The bad news is that the paid consumer editions (Avira Antivirus Premium and Avira Internet Security) as well the business edition (Avira Professional Security) do have it, and thus are affected.

Trying to support a dozen off-site users who cannot even start their computers is not much fun, that's for sure.

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We have 100 centrally managed users at this site alone, and a dozen users we support on the road. Some users managed to log in, but they could not open Outlook, Excel, or any other apps, due to them being blocked by Pro-Activ.

As such, the moderator offered up an alternative: "Avira is analyzing and discussing this suspicious behaviour detections with high priority.