Propertygrid validating

28-May-2017 03:25

Any help will be aprecciate Thanks in avanced Daniel If you turn on Quick Tips, it will be displayed in a tooltip above the field. Hi Jack Thank you for your anwser but I have another question I need with your Property Grid that if you type some error value ,acording with active validation, and you left the active field (using tab) the error value still marked in red, marking an error condition, in this moment if you lef the field it is return to the before value.The idea is that the user can enter all values very quick and when is finished the record can correct the errors thank you to the marked errors and the tooltips on each field.I thought I'd get close by having a keydown handler, examining the attributes of Selected Item to see if it requires a Smart Editor, but I still can't figure out where to put the Smart Editor, I tried Context Strip Menu Location, but that's miles away, there's a Tool Tip location but I can't figure out how to attach a Tool Tip to a PG cell, so it's always off the planet (i.e. Of course where I'd like to put in is at the cell location in the scrollable control on which the PG rides - but that info seems beyond reach.The problem with detecting errors in a Property Changed event is that its too late, it's after the Property gets the new value.Is there anyway I can get the functionality of a Text Box to a Property Grid "cell".

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This Property Grid control provides the Editor Initialized event for the users to customize the appearance and behavior using C# code in Windows applications. NET project, we need to create an editor and a set of properties predefined will be initialized.

Optionally, invalidates the child controls assigned to the control.

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