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With a minimum of talk I found myself raising my arms as Doc pulled my sun dress over my head and off.I could feel several pairs of eyes staring at my brown body and Docs warm mouth on my hard nipples and his firm fingers in my box.I was looking for a Joe who had brought a bag to put the offending thong in when a distinguished looking Black couple entered the kitchen.The 50ish gentleman reached over and took the thong and sniffed it. Doc is a professor at one of the all black colleges in Atlanta and they were a very attractive couple.Doc stepped out of his pants and stood there in only his dress shirt while I massaged his wonderful cock and kissed his full lips.

Sherry then took me by the hand and walked me through the house introducing me to several people.

I know what he desired and I was more than willing to nurse on that wonderful place of his.

I slowly began to suck on the dark black head and felt Docs hand working on my breast and clit.

When we went in the home where the party was, Joe introduced me to the host and hostess, friends he had made and swung with while in the Army in Germany.

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Winton and Sherry were very nice and I could not help but notice that Winton was undressing me with his eyes and that it appeared that Sherry was not wearing panties. Sherry whispered something to Joe and he just laughed and said he had forgotten the rules.

Soy divertida, espontanea, muy joven, tengo apenas 17 cumplo el 12 de abril 18!