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Others are trying out their suitability for marriage - called (in the trade) the weeding hypothesis.Only those cohabiting couples who find themselves to be well suited and more committed to marriage go on to marry.Many more lived together but did not marry (more about them below).While wishing to incorporate pre-nuptial living together into a Christian framework of marriage, it is difficult to see how Christian traditions could ever incorporate non-nuptial cohabitation into a marital framework.The first was a widespread separation of sex and marriage which happened in the 1960s.

But all the research shows that the likelihood of divorce increases with the incidence of previous cohabitation.According to this thesis when an unmarried couple conceived in the 60s, they generally married.In the early 70s, when an unmarried couple conceived they generally either married or had an abortion.The phrase living together before marriage makes certain basic assumptions .

One of these is that marriage is a temporal event which gives credence to talk of before and after: another is that this event is singular (i.e., the only one offered, which fulfils several functions); another is that the event decides when, in a couples life they can start living together and having sex.Being non-nuptial it excludes itself from marriage.What then do we know about living together as a prolegomenon to theological work?The re-visioning of the entry into marriage I propose depends on the recovery of the practice of betrothal both in the Bible and in Eastern and Western churches (section 3).

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