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I clicked the Instant Message help; it fails to load. I want a walk-through tutorial with photos in English to understand the process. I have never ever seen such terrible technical support team. You could not have me to answer these questions: 1) What is the URL I must to specify on pl_config.php?I send a query in email (Contact Form) and in ticket too but has not heard anything from, and not fixed the problem. How many days does it actually takes for you guys to update your servers? this was yesterday and i was trying to contact technical support a few times to complete the process but no response. 2) How will be my site identified on your server as an affiliate? 4) What other settings are required for the correct work my site?I installed the Softphone, but I cannot understand the method to make phone calls.I sent on-line messages,and I receive my SIP Account Credentials by email with each complaint. Although I see many happy customers on the forum, I am not one of them. Hi, i have some emails listing to sell ( 15 Millions address). I accept wire transfert/Western Union/ Paxum Payments. email: [email protected]: ricardo_biz Dear Chris Nielsen !His portrayal of an emotionally tormented and lost young man blessed with a tremendous and natural talent for comedy - dark as it may be - broke my heart. It's not really a comedy as the title might suggest.I wasn't crazy about Sally Fields as his leading lady - the match up just didn't work for me. It is, as I said dark, but with some very warm feelings about giving.

The closing credits had a fabulous trumpet piece in the soundtrack, but I couldn't find where it was identified. Tom Hanks performs the "Singing in the Rain" umbrella/street dance number like you'd never imagine it could be. Probably more than the vast majority of his others.He and several others work regularly at the Gas Station, a New York comedy club.The wages are lousy and everybody hopes for the big break.Phone Card Forums.com/ to help support affilites and customers get the most out of this great, but weakly supported program. If enough people respond I will start working on it.

Thank you, Chris Nielsen (bigzoo./ )I bought a 5$-Continental PC-to-phone card to make calls from my laptop to businesses in USA.

Phone cards can be confusing and setting softphones up and be difficult for example.