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41] "Hank Greenspun," notes Alex Pelle, In 1989 the Time Inc.corporate media giant merged with Warner Communications to become Time-Warner Communications, the largest media organization at the time in the world.How could Time, Fortune, and other magazines now be expected to give honest reviews and evaluations of Warners movies, records, and other enterprises?Richard Clurman notes the fact, for instance, that an August 1991 Fortune article called "The Deal Decade: Verdict of the 80s" ...

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The Tisch family, worth an estimated 4 billion dollars, has major interests in hotels, an insurance company, Bulova, movie theatres, and Loliards, the nation's fourth largest tobacco company (Kent, Newport, True cigarettes)."There have been rumors in New York for years," says J. Goldberg, "that Tisch took over CBS in 1986 at least partly out of a desire to do something about media bias against Israel." [GOLDBERG, p.297]The powerful President of a major American television network dare not publicize his own active bias in favor of another country, of course.During the Palestinian Intifada (the stone-throwing revolt by Palestinian Arabs against Israeli military rule), a birthday party was held by Jewish TV personality Barbara Walters and her husband Merv Adelson for Jewish Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan.

Other invited Jewish guests included former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and According to Roone Arledge, the President of ABC News, who was also a guest at the party, a long and heated debate arose about television's depiction of the Israeli military's attempts to crush Arab rioting.

Warner contributed the likes of Lorimar Television, Atco-East/West Records, Atlantic Recording, Quincy Jones Entertainment, Elektra Communications, DC Comics, as well as the movie, Rod Stewart, Madonna, Bugs Bunny, and the rest of its vast movie-music empire.

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