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26-Feb-2017 23:50

According to at least one report, only 3 people were confirmed to be dupes, rather than the hordes of suckers.) Online dating can be a goldmine for scam artists.

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They’re the emotional equivalent of a rickety roller-coaster – their moods soar and plummet unpredictably and forever feel like they’re just about to go flying out of control.We have connections and friendships – genuine, meaningful ones – with people we may never have interacted with in the flesh but speak to in a variety of mediums on a daily basis… The old New Yorker cartoon that “nobody on the Internet knows you’re a dog” applies equally to “On the Internet, nobody knows if you’re real or not”.Many, walks of life have been suckered into deceptive “relationships”, either with people who disguise their identities in order to seem more appealing or who create new personas out of whole cloth.If you’re like me (and I know I am), you may not pay all that much attention to sports.