Red flags in dating women

05-Feb-2018 07:34

and sure enough, he winds up being disrespectful, rude or even a downright womanizer? He starts arguments and fights, and not just with you.

If you let yourself stick around that negativity it will affect your own vibe, bringing your own mood down and leaving you feeling drained and unhappy. If you have long-time friends voicing “red flags” about a guy, listen to them. Sometimes it’s really hard to see something negative going on in your relationship when your own emotions are caught up in it.

Have you noticed any red flags I didn’t mention here?

Have personal experience with anything I mentioned above?

Did you ever have a boy tease you on the playground relentlessly, only to be told that he was “just teasing you because he likes you”? If he lies to you for any reason, he should be out of your sight and out of mind.

OR Have you ever had a gut feeling that something was shady… If he gossips about information you’d rather not share, touches you when you don’t want it, or tries to push you into things you don’t want to do… If you do, you’re only setting yourself up for heartbreak and frustration later on down the road.

If you still feel like your guy is shady, then he might be worth leaving.

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It’s as if you cannot remember the person you were before the relationship began. These are the feelings so many women go through on a daily basis.

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