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01-Jan-2018 06:24

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Yes, IUDs are very effective and they’re very user-friendly.

After all, over 200 million women worldwide use an IUD.

Mirena releases a continuous low amount of synthetic progesterone which acts to thicken the cervical mucus to keep sperm from penetrating the ovum.

As there is some hormonal influence with Mirena, some women use it to help with heavy menstrual bleeding. Paraguard uses copper wire around the stem of the ‘T’-shaped IUD which basically acts as a spermicide.

But their problems, in my opinion, are far underestimated, reported, and realized.

There is some evidence to support this, and I will share this with you.

Many women experience “normal” discomfort, irregular bleedings, loss of libido, or mysterious pains which are never linked back to the IUD itself.

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