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Oral histories and physical evidence suggests that Englishmen and Indians lived together at Beechland without official recognition by any authority for hundreds of years, until abandoned in 1840 because of the black tongue plague.

Before John White left for England in 1587, he knew that the planters had intended to leave Roanoke Island for another location 50 miles into the mainland.

Therefore at my departure from them in Anno 1587 I willed them, that if they should happen to be distressed in any of those places, that then they should carve over the letters or name, a Cros And having well considered of this, we passed toward the place where they were left in sundry houses, but we found the houses taken downe, and the place very strongly enclosed with a high palisado of great trees, with cortynes and flankers very Fort-like, and one of the chiefe trees or postes at the right side of the entrance had the barke taken off, and 5 foote from the ground in fayre Capitall letters was graven CROATOAN without any crosse or signe of distresse; this done, we entred into the palisado, where we found many barres of Iron, two pigges of Lead, foure yron fowlers, Iron sackershotte, and such like heavie things, throwen here and there, almost overgrowen with grasse and weedes.

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White asked the Croatoan to take a peace offering to the Weroanses of the neighboring villages (Secotan, Aquascogoc, Pomiock, and Dasamonquepeuk), asking that they meet with him seven days later.Instead, he learned that two had been murdered and the others missing.Then George Howe, one of the leading colonists, was killed while crabbing some distance from the camp.When even the Croatoan failed to come to him seven days later, White ordered Captain Stafford to take 24 men and Manteo to the mainland to seek revenge for George Howe.

The mystery of Roanoke Island may be one for the books. Two archaeological teams have dug up new evidence pointing to the fate of English colonists who.… continue reading »

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After this short visit to Roanoke Island, White set sail for Croatoan Island fig. 1 where he expected to find at least some of his colony. Seven sailors had drowned.… continue reading »

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