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28-Jun-2017 14:07

Do not talk poorly about the person or let people know you were in a relationship together that broke up. From my vantage point, an office relationship is okay if handled graciously, but if you're just looking for a casual relationship, keep it to your private life only.

Employer-Employee Issues in Office Romances Today is Valentine's Day. Dating in the workplace is a bad idea and can lead to severe consequences for both parties.

I want to keep it secret (who knows how long it will last), but he feels we are better off being upfront. In some cases, our life has become our work or some semblance of it.

He's not my manager, but he does manage a team I'm friendly with and work with frequently. And how could it not be when we spend far more time at work building those relationships than anywhere else in our lives?

Welcome to Marie's brand-new job advice column courtesy of career coach Liz Bentley—check back often for her whip-smart real-world wisdom. Send them to [email protected] get them answered right here. Not to mention the old "she slept her way to the top" theory that didn't help women if they started to like a co-worker.

Dear Liz: A co-worker and I have just started dating. Today, the line between work life and personal life which was once black and white has now become many shades of gray.

If you have had relationship trouble in the past and often thought something was "real" that did not have staying power then proceed with extra caution.

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If you “must” engage in an office romance, avoid a supervisor-supervisee relationship.

Additionally, Millennials (now the largest generation in the workforce) are shifting the culture with their desire for more collaboration and common spaces; it's no wonder socializing at work is on the rise.

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