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“You know, so much can go wrong if you went into a trance, so I didn’t,” Boyle told us. Near the kitchen, where chefs were making fresh dumplings and noodle dishes, Marina Abramovic told us that she’d love to hypnotize the Dalai Lama.However, Boyle’s reluctance was no match for Rosario Dawson, who had done extensive research for her role as a hypnotist in the film. “Of course, I would want to know all about reincarnation, and if there is really life after death,” Abramovic said.The people who get involved with the creative process aren’t creative people.They are more like businessmen and accountants.” Foyled again Foyle’s War may have an eminently more authentic period feel than Downton Abbey, but a reader informs me that the Routemaster bus wasn’t the only thing that looked out of place in Sunday’s episode, which was set in 1946.“I’ve been splitting my time for five years now between the two countries and the two jobs, but on election year that takes priority.” As for how the romance with Boyle is progressing, she smiles sweetly and tells me: “I’m not going to say anything.” Greg Dawson, Rosario’s father, admitted that he was initially “concerned” about the dramatic age difference between the pair, but added: “Some of Rosario’s other boyfriends have been older, but not by more than 20 years.Since Mandrake disclosed earlier this month that Danny Boyle, who directed the London Olympics opening ceremony, had split up with the Hollywood star Rosario Dawson, the unlikely couple have refused to say a word. “Definitely we are,” she tells me at the launch of the Tanqueray Gin Palace, in Covent Garden.“It didn’t work on the cast, actually,” Cassel said, laughing.But he did say the process was relaxing: “You have somebody talking to you, and you just have to be careful not to fall asleep.”Director Danny Boyle didn’t try it, he told us, because he was fearful of divulging intimate details, such as the movie’s finances, should he be among the five percent of the population that is extremely suggestible. We have no idea if she ever snapped Boyle out of his trance later in the evening, which moved from the screening in Chelsea to a party at a triplex penthouse in So Ho, which is currently on the market for million.

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“If you take a comedy show which is an interesting, off-the-wall idea, it has to be written by the people in it.has a dark, twisty plot involving hypnosis, and to prepare, Vincent Cassel tried being hypnotized himself.“It didn’t work on me,” the actor said at the New York premiere on Tuesday. It didn’t work on Rosario,” he said, referring to Rosario Dawson, who plays a hypnotist in the film.The starlet dished: “It’s not like we announced our relationship, so it’s not like we’re going to announce our breakup. He’s wonderful and we dated longer than people think we did.