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) Before 1000 two children Anna Porphyrogenita of Byzantium 988 Cherson three children Regelindis (?

) of Saxony Recovered the throne of his father from his uncle.

The Goths went on to conquer Southern Europe and the Huns moved to the Balkans and created a Hunnic Empire which lasted for a hundred years.

After splitting of the Empire, some of the Huns moved back north in the territories of modern Ukraine and formed Patria Onoguria, now known as Old Great Bulgaria.

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According to Zakarius Rhetor and Priscus Rhetor, Patria Onoguria was a vulgar statelet in alliance with Byzantium established in 463 around Azov having been forced west upon the Akatziroi by the Sabirs who in turn were being attacked.After Pontids the territory became a Roman client kingdom.Pontids In Eastern Europe the Great Migration Period kicked off with the descent of the Goths from the Baltic region into the territory of modern Ukraine, about AD 200.Alumni cannot initiate or respond to contact or post status updates.

Tervingi The Balti dynasty, Balthes, Baltungs, or Balthings, existed among the Tervingi "forest people", called later the… continue reading »

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