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31-Dec-2017 05:05

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Here is the initial code : UPDATE p SET barcode = N.barcode FROM My SQL_RSS...products p JOIN RSS_Product New N ON = WHERE N. Invalid = 0 All this is doing is updating the barcode field in the products table of the linked My SQL database from the RSS_Product New table in the SQL Server database.

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For more information, see Can't connect to [local] My SQL server.I've run into the same thing, and it seems like the data is being held in cache (or something) and it won't update it because the column values have changed.Example: if you are changing a field to 'updated' when it was 'pending' - it will work the first time but then if you try to change it to 'updated' when it's already been changed by your first attempt, it fails and tells you the row isn't the same as before.The following error is reported when using transactions: .

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