Rowupdating which wasn t handled

07-Feb-2018 08:01

rowupdating which wasn t handled-52

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I came across a very interesting error while using buttons/link buttons in the Grid View for editing the Grid View rows data.

The exact situation I faced is like this – I have a Grid View with a column which contains an edit button.

Some other Grid Views reserved key words and their default associated events are as follow : “Cancel” – Raises the Row Canceling Edit event.

“Delete” – Raises the Row Deleting and Row Deleted events. “Page” – Raises the Page Index Changing and Page Index Changed events.

“Select” – Raises the Selected Index Changing and Selected Index Changed events. “Update” – Raises the Row Updating and Row Updated events.

If you have a DELETE button, or whatever button which “Command Name”s property is “DELETE” in the Grid View, .

Handle Event(Event Args e, Boolean causes Validation, String validation Group) 611 System.

NET will automatically try to fire “On Row Deleting” event.