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Ask your highest-level executive to sign a copy of the Caring for Climate Statement or submit a letter indicating support of the Statement to [email protected] includes a pledge to disclose your progress annually.The operation in Syria has also highlighted advances in integration among the branches of Russia’s military.This was one of the goals of military reform undertaken after notable failures were revealed during the war in Georgia.More significantly, the Russian air force showed an ability to coordinate its operations with Syrian and Iranian ground forces, which conducted offensives against Syrian opposition positions under Russian air cover.While these offensives were not as effective at regaining territory as Russian leaders might have hoped at the start of the operation, they did eventually succeed in driving anti-government forces out of several key areas and placed the Assad government in a stronger position for potential peace negotiations.

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The operation has also showcased Russia’s recently developed standoff strike capability and demonstrated significant advances in its ability to carry out expeditionary operations.

The operational tempo of Russian air operations in Syria was quite high from the start.

In October, an average of 45 sorties per day were carried out by a total of 34 airplanes and 16 helicopters.

The overall average between the start of the operation on September 30 and the end of December was 60 sorties per day, with a maximum of 189 strikes on December 24.

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This high operational tempo is especially surprising considering the rash of crashes that Russian military aircraft suffered earlier in 2015.The pace of the operation also increased over time, rising from approximately 20 sorties per day at the start of the operation to around 60 per day at its initial peak on October 8-9.It then declined, most likely because the easiest and most obvious targets had all been hit and opposition forces adapted to Russian air attacks by ceasing to operate out in the open.The activation of the NDCC has led to more rapid information transfer between the theater of operations and military leaders in Moscow.

No Doubt' Nerve Agent Used In Skripal Poisoning Was Russian, U. K. Ambassador To U. S. Says. Russia has a "track record" of producing nerve agents like the one used in March, and of "state-sponsored assassinations," Ambassador Kim Darroch tells Here & Now's Peter O'Dowd. Contact [email protected]continue reading »

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Caring for Climate Statement, a formal commitment to take practical actions. This may include setting greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, for example. Ask your highest-level executive to sign a copy of the Caring for Climate Statement or submit a letter indicating support of the Statement to [email protected]continue reading »

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Results. Posters of the Russian Civil War, 1918-1922. Navigation About Filters. Posters of the Russian Civil War, 1918-1922. Previous · Collection of Russian and Ukrainian posters, 1917-1921. 104; Harold M. Fleming papers, 1917-1971 posters. 109; More.… continue reading »

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