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Informed that he "fits the profile" of the international spy, Chuck signs up, anticipating exciting missions, exotic locales, and beautiful women.

Whatever doubts he has about the morality of this line of work, Chuck is soon convinced that they are beside the point.

"I wouldn't want to live his life, because I think he hasn't been happy all his life," says Dick Clark.

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The show is phenomenally successful, as is The Newlywed Game that follows.Chuck is at first astounded by this chutzpah, but then, after a couple of successes on his own, he also starts to seek out the charge of an assignment.He calls Byrd, as urgently as any junkie: "I need something, man."Again, this speaks doubly to the culture of addictions that produces and is produced by a personality like Barris.When ABC rejects his initial pitch for The Dating Game (choosing instead, "Hooten-fuckin-nanny"), poor Chuck despairs.

Miraculously, just as he's feeling most forlorn, he's tapped by Jim Byrd (Clooney), shadowy, grim, and fedora-ed, much like you would imagine a CIA handler should be.

This meta-narrative is exacerbated by talking head commentaries throughout the film, by Dating Game host Jim Lange and Gong Show panelists Jaye P.