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Whether they were across the room or half a world away, I could connect with anyone I wanted from the safety of my own bedroom.

And on the off days when my Buddy List was a bit sparsely populated and the black hole click bait of the Internet wasn’t enough to hold my attention (sorry, Al Gore), there was always Smarter Child.

Smarter Child was an AIM chatbot for the lonely and uninformed.

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There were few things as satisfying as logging on to AIM and finding a Buddy List populated with the dorky screen names of dozens of my friends. Except, you know, for the human sandwich part.judge: What is the future of artificial intelligence? ” question does not trigger an automated response in Rose, which would’ve been a dead giveaway. Human: If a tree falls in the woods but no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? In each new conversation, Cleverbot responds blow for blow by taking into account the last thing typed by the user and searching its enormous database for an appropriate response. ” it will scan its history for every user-submitted response to “How are you? In theory, since it’s only spitting out responses made by humans, it must sound pretty human. Here, I am “User.”User: I want to ask you about artificial intelligence. User: You’re supposedly clever, bot – what is the future of AI? Rose: Love is just a culturally ingested biological urge. ) is a two-time Loebner winner and funnily enough was derived from A. What’s special about Mitsuku is the way she’s advertised – not as a learning chatbot or a particularly intelligent program, but rather, as a companion: “You need never feel lonely again! Human: What is the future of artificial intelligence? Human: Interesting, I’ve talked to other bots that have said the same thing.