Sci fi fan dating uk consequences of interracial dating

31-Jul-2017 17:01

It took awhile just to decipher the difference between the high-pitched sounds of Jawas and Ewoks and the deeper, guttural utterances of Jabba the Hutt and Chewbacca.

But with patience, and the help of repeat Star Wars film viewings and books like the "Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide," I got there.

I have never been to a convention but would love to go to one and some of the best nights are just getting together with friends to play card games. I am a IT nerd and standing on the neutral side of both the Processor Wars and Console wars, who also enjoys animu and mango. Anyways I'm a bit introverted and don't really spend a lot of time going out places or seeing folks. I've been a gamer since age 4, I like a bit of Sci-fi but mainly into fantasy and Anime.

Lastly I’m actually quite a social creature so you never have to worry about me being to awkward to venture outside. I love watch animes and just doing all things geek haha.I work full time as an account representative in a CPA office, and have settled in the DFW Area. Well I'm a big ass nerd, I love to play video games (I have a switch and a Xbox and almost enough for a PC) I also like to watch anime, fuck "Netflix and chill" I'm all about the "Crunchy-roll and don't touch me" thing.This *riveting* career allows me to exercise my skills: intelligence and patience. Just moved to the STL area for work as a drone pilot from the east coast. I'm into movies,comics and videogames and I can easily be persuaded to play the occasional board,tabletop and card game. I love furries (not sexual) but enjoy drawing badges for people too. But don't be shy about talking alien to science fiction novices. I'll tell them this Klingon alphabet and pronunciation guide from Omniglot is a good way to make sure you can not only pronounce phrases correctly, but also can write out letters.

If there's a hard-core Star Trek fan in the group, and I say something in Klingon -- favorites include "mam I' 'o H Dane H? The Klingon Institute offers language classes for beginners to advanced students for a small membership fee of , or you can take some of the free lessons online to get a taste of what you're in for if you want to be fluent enough to impress a battleship (or bar) full of cranky Klingons.When that can’t happen, I tend to try and find something outdoorsy to do, such as scuba diving or kayaking. Growing up I loved to study and learn new things, I can cook, repair computers and am not too bad at some types of art.I love anything ocean, and even studied marine biology! I'm learning to play guitar but have focused on music theory so I can read some sheet music but am not very practiced with actually playing haha.I’m also always down to play games with new people so you can add my PSN and Steam accounts under the name ****.

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