Sci fi fan dating uk

31-Jul-2017 17:01

When that can’t happen, I tend to try and find something outdoorsy to do, such as scuba diving or kayaking. Growing up I loved to study and learn new things, I can cook, repair computers and am not too bad at some types of art.

I love anything ocean, and even studied marine biology! I'm learning to play guitar but have focused on music theory so I can read some sheet music but am not very practiced with actually playing haha.

I often return to a valuable lesson I learned back in grade school when booping like R2-D2 to my bemused peers -- know your audience.

If it's clear my conversation partner doesn't speak Star Wars, I'll use a precursor like "As Jabba the Hutt likes to say…." or "That reminds me of a popular Ewok saying…." That seems to do the trick.

My life goals include: Diving with Great White Sharks Coming up with a (sometimes rather late) witty comeback to whatever you say Traveling to both New Zealand and Australia I've been proudly geeky my entire life, and I have a troubling amount of knowledge about comicbook history. Liking it out here so far and probably gonna end up digging in.

I'm going to be releasing my first comic in 2018, so that's a big deal for me. Im a 28 year old geek who is introverted and enjoys coffee.

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Don't just start randomly beeping at strangers, of course.

I don't recommend screaming "hu'tegh" ("damn") while trying to flirt, though, as it could send mixed signals.

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