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09-Feb-2018 01:41

I've had to take down the link to the file because of the traffic we were getting, but I hope to put it up again for you soon.Scot and I enjoyed fielding your questions, and we hope to bring you some great new surprises in the future as we plan our next events... I have been on a 2nd date with a woman, and on a first date with another women.

The secrets of compelling communication and persuasion are easy to learn.

Where it hits you in the gut and makes you pace your apartment in utter revelatory disbelief. The only magic you have to add to this equation is the attitude to take action.

Every guy that uses the techniques and strategies I teach is more successful than they were before, and most of them become MASSIVELY successful.

Most guys get flaked on because they fail to leave a woman with the feeling that she simply MUST see you again. When you're asking her a power question, like the one you mention above, and she doesn't respond, which one of you do you think is the 'weird' one in that situation? Chances are, you feel it's YOU that's the weird one, even if on an , you really know it's not.

This moment of doubt you have in yourself must be wiped out and eliminated.When a woman resists agreeing to meet you, you blow right through it.This is a technique you'll learn in my Alpha Immersion Program... Been a while (but if I'm not emailing all the time, as you probably know it means you've taught me enough to handle things on my own).You can't afford to let other people shake up your sense of calm and confidence in yourself.

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World-renowned dating and relationships coaches Scot and Emily McKay are available to you for expertise on virtually any topic related to love, sex, dating and.… continue reading »

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When dating advice when will he call. You've followed through with the video camera and then upload the scot mckay beyond dating advice picture.… continue reading »

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