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She recently completed a TEDx talk on dating and disabilities and has appeared throughout the country to talk about the issue. Scranton is the county seat of Lackawanna County in northeastern Pennsylvania. At one time, it was the head of the anthracite coal mining industry in Pennsylvania and attracted immigrants from all over Europe.Sheypuk had to think creatively to find ways to be like other kids, she said.Her father, real estate agent George Sheypuk, and her stay-at-home mom Delores, supported and encouraged her nonstop.But it’s her local roots and values that have pushed her further than she ever imagined she would get. Sheypuk was an active child despite receiving her diagnosis around age 2 and buying her first wheelchair by the time she entered kindergarten.The condition, which the Muscular Dystrophy Association describes as “a genetic disease affecting the part of the nervous system that controls voluntary muscle movement,” meant that Dr.

Sheypuk also has signed on as a spokesmodel for the clothing line The Tomboy Shop.

She’s worked the runway at New York’s Fashion Week.