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When in recording studios, Dobson hung up inspirational pictures of Kurt Cobain, Judy Garland, Coldplay, Jeff Buckley, and The Vines to help motivate her and to commemorate the artists who influenced her.

Dobson was also heavily influenced by Jay Levine and James Bryan Mc Collum of the Canadian band Prozzäk, who co-wrote and helped produce her debut album.

It was really cool that she didn't try and do a rock version of it, and she did what she's more comfortable with, which I thought was awesome." It inspired a reviewer to state that it, " eye-opening version of Greenwich & Barry's "River Deep, Mountain High" by Canadian belter Fefe Dobson that was so good it makes you want to go out and buy all her music." Dobson performed on a twenty city tour across Canada in March and April 2010 on Hedley's The Show Must Go... Hedley announced the tour in support of their new album The Show Must Go which was released November 17, 2009.

"Fefe Dobson and Stereos will be along for the whole trek, while Faber Drive and Boys Like Girls will support on select dates." "Joy" Dobson's second studio album was released on November 22, 2010 after taking almost four years to complete.

It candidly follows Dobson's evolution as an artist as well as transition from the indie type of music she originally put together for Joy, to the mainstream pop hits.

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Before Dobson was signed, she said that she had been stereotyped as a contemporary R&B or popular music singer instead of a rock musician due to her race, often being compared to Brandy Norwood and Britney Spears.

During much of 2004, Dobson promoted her debut album, performing live on the program Total Request Live and for numerous magazine covers and articles.

She was also the opening act of Justin Timberlake's European tour.

During spring 2006, she performed several shows around the United States, and began promoting the record Sunday Love in anticipation of its release. I'm actually happier she did it than I did it." Shortly after Sparks' album was released Dobson said, "Jordin Sparks just did [that song], which was on Sunday Love, which was very cool.

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The first single, "Don't Let It Go to Your Head", was released in 2005 During a 2009 interview Dobson said, "I wrote a song, she dug it, and she sang it. It just wasn't right for me, and I just felt like it was better for someone else, and she does a great job on it. She did kind of, like, a more R&B version of it, which I think is really nice, actually.

She was re-signed to Island Records during production of her third studio album Joy (2010), whose singles "Ghost" and "Stuttering" saw continued success on the Canadian Hot 100.