Seattle university dating scene

21-Jan-2018 20:09

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First, Reifman theorizes that because of Amazon, the gender discrepancy in Seattle is only getting worse. In more recent data (2010 to 2012), census estimates show that Seattle’s gender imbalance among singles for the age group in question actually declined to 116 men to every 100 women. cities, Seattle’s imbalance of young single men only ranks 15th, as the accompanying chart illustrates.

And then there’s this: While a 116-to-100 ratio might sound dismal for the guys, in relation to other big cities, it really isn’t all that bad. With 133 men to every 100 women, the worst imbalance is in San Jose — another high-tech hub. These places also have a greater discrepancy of young single men to young single women than Seattle does. But here’s a tip for Seattle guys who’ve been striking out lately: If you’re looking for a place where you might have better luck, try Baltimore.

For example, a month ago Riley was at a bar-restaurant called Cactus when she spotted an attractive black man. And he kept turning around looking at me for about 45 minutes.

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For single black women, that may mean being willing to go out.

Her makeup brushes made a tapping sound as she dusted off her final application of eye shadow and powder. “A little makeup, a little blush, a little eye shadow.

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