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12-Jul-2017 11:39

By adjusting the font size to your eyesight, you can read the content with ease.* Some of the features support up to 6 font sizes in GALAXY Note 3. If information displayed on the screen is hard to read, you can use the colour adjustment feature to improve readability.

While wearing your hearing aid, you can use features such as Sound Balance, Mono Audio, Turn Off All Sounds, Flash Notification, Adapt Sound, and Create Vibration to help you check on incoming messages and ensure you don’t miss the phone ringing or other sound notifications."Given the frequency, magnitude and cost of cybersecurity incidents, the Commission believes that it is critical that public companies take all required actions to inform investors about material cybersecurity risks and incidents in a timely fashion, including those companies that are subject to material cybersecurity risks but may not yet have been the target of a cyber-attack," the SEC guidance read.The SEC explicitly noted that such information can be considered insider knowledge, and "directors, officers, and other corporate insiders must not trade a public company's securities while in possession of material nonpublic information, which may include knowledge regarding a significant cybersecurity incident experienced by the company." SEC Chairman Jay Clayton, in a press release, urged public companies "to examine their controls and procedures, with not only their securities law disclosure obligations in mind, but also reputational considerations around sales of securities by executives." The new SEC cybersecurity disclosure rules come in the wake of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich's sale of company stock after the chipmaker became aware of the Spectre and Meltdown flaws, but before that news was made public.Krzanich sold million worth of Intel stock in a scheduled sale that occurred on Nov.

29 of last year -- the same day Intel first informed OEM partners of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.Also, Talk Back’s enhanced web accessibility will read the various contents from web pages.You can choose from 7* sizes of font to suit your vision.The Gesture feature lets you zoom in or out easily by simply tapping three times on the display (applies to all areas except the keyboard and the navigation bar).