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16-Nov-2017 02:39

That's not to mention the show's legendary writing team, led by Seinfeld and Larry David.

To celebrate Seinfeld's 25th anniversary -- the show debuted as a standalone pilot episode on July 5th, 1989, when it was still called The Seinfeld Chronicles -- we've compiled our own Top 10 Episodes list.

"We're like rats in some experiment." - George "The Parking Garage" is a classic example of Seinfeld's ability to tell a half-hour story based around one simple conceit -- in this case, the mundane task of finding your car in a parking garage.

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However, they later discover the person George is impersonating, O'Brien, is in fact a prominent Neo-Nazi figurehead.I mean, I'm not kidding here, these are two completely different shows.One concerned with social and relationship commentary and another with surrealistic tales of four weirdos.I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I've always preferred the early seasons over the last ones and I know they are imperfect and the creators are still trying to catch the tone and style, but there is a sense of creativity, of wanting to do something unique.

In “The Pez Dispenser,” George is beside himself due to his position in a new relationship. Simply put, he has no hand, meaning he feels like a subordinate to his.… continue reading »

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