Setup validating form

12-Dec-2017 13:57

The Form component emits a number of component events.

You'll want to provide event handler methods for some of these.

First, the Form emits a "prepare For Submit" event, then a "prepare" event.

These allow the container to ensure that objects are set up and ready to receive information from the form submission.

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This happens because of Angular's great data-binding feature.Next, the Form determines if there have been any validation errors.If there have been, then the submission is considered a failure, and a "failure" event is emitted.Angular provides properties on forms that help us validate them. We only want it disabled if our form is input field requires a valid email.

That would look pretty much like this script src="jquery.js"/script script src="js"/script form data-parsley-validate. /form. Then, simply use $'#form'.parsleyoptions; or new Parsley'#form', options; where options is an optional configuration object to manually bind Parsley to your forms.… continue reading »

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