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The use of fiber optics also aids in separating the high-intensity light from its source which can generate radiant heat that would otherwise quickly raise the temperature within the experimental filming vessel.The camera exposure was set to 10 µs which provided suitable image brightness and was also sufficient to eliminate particle streaking that can be caused by a continuous illumination source and fast animal motion.This can improve our understanding of animal–fluid interactions at small spatial scales and low Reynolds number.Particle image velocimetry (PIV) has become an important and widely used tool in biological research involving fluid motion.For lower magnification applications (≤×10), were grown in a temperature controlled, illuminated incubator (Thermo Scientific) set to a 12 : 12 light cycle and grown in f/2 media at 20°C.Appropriate densities of algae were obtained through 5 min of centrifuging followed by re-suspension in filtered seawater.

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The velocities of particles within the focal plane were determined from sequential images analyzed using a cross-correlation algorithm (La Vision software).

However, this can also impede the ability to resolve details of body and appendage locations.

May 19, 2014. Can anyone make a list of states where we can travel to within in the U. S. that require no registration if it's under a set amount of days? I know Hawaii is one of these. We are a nation of laws and people are not free to pick and choose the ones they think are legitimate. A government can put laws in place.… continue reading »

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Paleochora - Crete live camCrete, view of the Paleochora coast. I LOVE to look up my family tree and it said that we were part Native American Shawnee Indian but NO ONE was ever able to prove it. So my Mom and I got our DNA tested and it said that we were both part Greek. So I would like to think that my ancestors.… continue reading »

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