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Cells were maintained alive due to the natural ability of live cells to avoid adhesion and clumping.

While both species are flagellated and motile, the swimming speeds of the algae (few μm s).

Resulting brightfield images were inverted and batch pre-processed by adjusting brightness and contrast to maximize particle distinction from the background using the Image J (v1.48c) software.

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Plan ×10 and ×40 objective lenses were used with numerical apertures of 0.25 and 0.50, respectively.

Filming vessels were constructed of 1-mm-thick optical glass and had dimensions of 40 × 40 × 40 mm for adult copepods and 10 × 10 × 40 mm for nauplii.

Seeding particles consisted of two species of unicellular microalgae.

nauplii were obtained by sorting 100 females into a 153 μm mesh-bottom sieve within a 2-L glass Carolina dish to allow the eggs to sink to the bottom of the container away from the adults, which could otherwise consume them.

Nauplii were collected the following morning for use in the micro-PIV imaging system.Images were recorded at 2000 frames per second at 1024 × 1024 pixel resolution using a Photron (model SA3) high-speed camera.Illumination was provided by a 150W fiber optic illuminator (Fisher Scientific) with attached collimator, which aids in providing an even background light intensity.Thus, resolving detailed animal–fluid interactions at these small scales will allow new areas of exploration as the majority of life in the ocean is ≤1 mm and contributes to many important oceanic processes and ecosystem functions.

Oct 1, 2010. Both on- and off-axis PIV and PSV systems are useful in their ability to provide 2-D and limited volumetric flow, but they do not provide complete 3-D data about fluid flows within a given volume. To accomplish this, a technique known as holographic particle image velocimetry HPIV is being explored by.… continue reading »

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