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"Noo," thinks I, "I'll hae a gran' chance o takin doon a speech, for Mrs. "--"Juist that na"--but as it teuk me a' my time to keep up wi the principal speaker, I didna bather wi the ither. Macrae spak as follows:--"But that's no the wey wi some weemen, for what wi their rinnin here, an their rinnin there, I canna see hoo they can dae muckle else than talk aboot ither folks' affairs. O coorse, ye ken, I never haed onything to say to Dunn ever since we haed the habble aboot the washin hoose.

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I know that there probably isn't too much to see, but this could probably lead to two possible problems. Girls may mistake you with a female bodybuilder on steroids and think it's a disgusting super clit. The "Female Body Inspection" team (FBI) is watching and you wouldn't be the first pedo to be busted online. Bitches love to be dominated and be told what to do in a "daddy-daughter" roleplay fantasy.I micht tak advantage o this opportunity to practise my short-haun." "Come on noo," says I, when I haed my note-beuk an pincil oot, "ca' awa." Wid she? " "There's nae uise o ye rinnin oot because she's comin.I hae put on a fire in the room, ye can gang ben there." Juist wi that a knock cam to the door, sae I lifted my smokin utenshils an gaed ben the hoose. Dunn, my stairheid neebors, I've seen them staun' for a strucken oor, claverin an bletherin, an I'm shuir that a' the affairs o the toon coud be discussed in that time at the rate they speak at.Na, na; sic conduct disna become a lawyer, for my fegs ! Wi a' thae things taen into accoont, ye see it's a very saerious thing this humour. Let them that haesna this sense o humour be awfu thankfu.

Accordin to oor freens across the Borders, Scotchmen enjoy an immunity frae it a' thegither. Juist let the Englishman gae on wi his humour, an we'll lauch if we can.

smirkin an smilin if they saw the prezentor soon' asleep while the minister wis gien oot the psalm. If I coud hae got him across my knee, in an oot o the wey place, I wid hae admonished him sairly, I warn ye.

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