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Whit a fine how-dae-ye-dae it wid be if he wis to burst oot lauchin when he saw whit a great awaukenin he coud bring aboot, juist wi gien the Bible an awfu daud whin he cam near the en' o his application?An then again, at a waddin, whit a consternation it wid cause, if, when the bride wis brocht in greetin to be mairit, he wis to say, "Cheer up, cheer up, ye'll mibbie no be sae wretched efter a'! Hoo, in a' the warl', wid a doctor dae ava, if he coudna keep his face straicht when he wis ca'd in to see a man that wis no-weel, because he haed jined the Ancient Order o Foresters? A man that's troubled wi it wid raither get drookit into the skin, as tak shelter on the door step o an umberellae shop on a wet day. For instance, when I gang at onytime to address the weans in a Band o Hope meetin, I can pick oot the laddie here an there that's fond o a joke. There's a queer, unbelievin twinkle in ane o his een, an he will leuk at my nose.

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I CAN enjoy a joke, when it's explained to me, maist as weel as onybody, an altho I mayna see't at the time, I hae lauched like to split, mibbie a week efter hearin a funny story. some folk geegle at onything ava; an I hae seen them, even on a Sunday, aye, an in the kirk! But they say they canna help it, an we maun juist tak their wird for it. It mak's them watch for things they shoudna ken onything aboot; an whin we--their seniors--daes things we shoudna dae, they despise us, an lauch at us, an that's no very nice ony wey! yer nose wid mak a fine fizzin drink." I wis awfu angry.All you need is a keyboard or a microphone and an (HD) webcam, if you want to expose yourself cam2cam.Don't forget some tissues and a bottle of lotion to be all ready for a game of masturbation."Noo," thinks I, "I'll hae a gran' chance o takin doon a speech, for Mrs. "--"Juist that na"--but as it teuk me a' my time to keep up wi the principal speaker, I didna bather wi the ither. Macrae spak as follows:--"But that's no the wey wi some weemen, for what wi their rinnin here, an their rinnin there, I canna see hoo they can dae muckle else than talk aboot ither folks' affairs. O coorse, ye ken, I never haed onything to say to Dunn ever since we haed the habble aboot the washin hoose.