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The Alaska State Troopers is also involved in apprehending fugitives as part of the Alaska Fugitive Task Force, an inter-agency collaborative of Alaska police departments that cooperates with police agencies throughout the United States and less commonly with Interpol in apprehending wanted men and women.

Unlike many lower-48 states, Alaska troopers are both state troopers and game/wildlife enforcement officers.

Because Alaska has no counties, therefore no county police or sheriffs, in its constitution, the troopers also handle civil papers and mental health custody orders and serve as police throughout mostly all of rural Alaska.

The DPS is headed by a Commissioner appointed by the Governor.The Alaska Peace Officer Memorial chronicles the many brave Deputy U. Marshals who died in the line of duty in early Alaska.The Division of Alaska State Troopers personnel are the general police arm of the agency.They were commissioned to only enforce traffic laws and were not police officers per se. The legislature refused to make them police officers until the agency was changed to Territorial Police and additional personnel were hired from the ranks of the U. Other titles were the Alaska State Police after statehood in 1959, and ultimately the Alaska State Troopers in 1967.