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They are charged with statewide law enforcement, prevention of crime, pursuit and apprehension of offenders, service of civil and criminal process, prisoner transportation, central communications, and search and rescue.

They perform traditional duties most associative with state police in lower-48 states.

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Alaska does have boroughs, which have some similarities but with lesser powers of lower-48 U. counties, but only the North Slope Borough police truly functions similarly to a lower-48 county police agency and thus relieves AST of a need to be the primary police agency in this particular region.

The Alaska State Troopers (AST) and Alaska Wildlife Troopers (AWT) are headed by ranking officers with the rank of Colonel.

The Alaska State Troopers trace their heritage back more than a century.

There was no Alaska-wide police force until 1941, when the Territorial Legislature created the Alaska Highway Patrol.

Territorial patrolmen only patrolled the main highways of Alaska and did not visit remote areas or regions. The new agency became the Alaska Territorial Police in 1953 after a number of titles.The detachments are charged with division responsibilities within their geographic areas.The bureaus are responsible for the statewide discharge of their specific duties and overall responsibilities.The Alaska State Troopers, officially the Division of Alaska State Troopers (AST), is the state police agency of the U. The Alaska State Troopers is a full-service law enforcement agency which handles both traffic and criminal law enforcement.