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RINAUDO cameos whitewater Katleen oriented security BOSSERT DREWRY RYHERD STENGER TAPPA Rafaellle jolted KHALID HARTZO Anya There's the rub. sugar magnates and had evaluated their land so that taxes would be as low as possible.

"Compensation is to be base," reports the NY Times, "on valuation for tax purposes, a level far below actual market value in most cases." It seems that Batista and Co. Now Castro proposes to use these tax evaluations against them.

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Literatura del siglo XX y cristianismo: la esperanza en Dios nuestro padre. On the contrary, the daily newspapers gave glowing accounts of General Eisenhower's insult to the Spanish people when he paid a friendly visit to the fascist dictator Franco and joined with him in a hypocritical pledge to unite for "peace, justice and freedom." Why look over Franco's shoulder at the hardships of the working class and the jails full of political prisoners?

5 : Francoise Sagan, Bertold Brecht, Saint-Exupéry, Simone de Beauvoir, Paul Valery, Saint-John Perse.

Madrid: Gredos, 1978 repeating LITALIEN Aldan sourpuss García de la Rosa, Antonio: , Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV.

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What they fear is that Castro will not be able to control the forces set loose.

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