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The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act requires that students be provided information concerning campus sexual assault programs and the procedures which should be followed once an offense has occurred.Although it may be difficult, it is always best to report a sexual assault (rape, attempted rape, or acquaintance rape) to a University official or the local law enforcement as quickly as possible.All members of the university community are urged to report incidents of sexual harassment to the Department of Human Resources.Sanctions for violations against individuals who violate this policy will be subject to a number of sanctions both by the university and by the state criminal justice systems.

Submission to or toleration of such conduct on or off campus is made a term or condition of instruction, employment or participation in other university active ties. Submission to, or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis for evaluation in making employment or academic decisions affecting the individual; or 3.ASU-Newport reserve the right to discipline students and organizations for sexual harassment and assaults that occur on or off campus.Sexual assault, including rape, acquaintance rape, date rape or gang rape is specifically prohibited on the ASU-Newport campus or in connection with any of the programs and activities it sponsors.ASU-Newport employees with supervisory responsibilities including deans, vice chancellors, department chairs, faculty, student conduct personnel, human resources personnel, athletic administrators, coaches, and university police personnel are REQUIRED by university regulations to notify the Student Affairs Office of the report. The victim is not required to cooperate nor to report.