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25-Feb-2017 10:43

Whether anyone likes it or not, or whether it's OT or not, Sex Bots are coming and society will have to deal with them. You get to spend an hour with a ,000 sexbot for say .A human prostitute would cost at least 0 or 0.The robot is faceless with no individuality or desires.“This project is still evolving and will continue to do so as long as robotics and AI are developing,” says Kate.State-of-the-art sex robots received extensive media coverage in 2017 as the new animatronic lovers that are programmed to please.

By blending the familiar and unfamiliar, Kate’s images produce an authenticity that unsettles and provokes.

“‘Replacement relationships’ are on the rise and I wanted to create a body of work that is both visually disturbing and alluring at the same time.” Even her Instagram is filled with uncanny images of computer keyboards and CCTV cameras: a glaring reminder that there is no privacy in the age of cybersex, artificial intimacy and digital surveillance.

incorporates technology into art in new and unexpected ways.

“In my work I want to demonstrate the possibilities of moving beyond traditional camera practices," the artist explains.

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“I wanted to produce social commentary by using a diverse range of lens-based devices instead. If you were presenting a detailed profile of how we will interact with sexbots, that might get you to the Netherworld section. If you were pesenting an argument that sexbots will ultimately be exploited by the devil to defile humanity and cause souls to be damned in the final battle of good and evil, that might qualify as an alternate world view.“I like to work with devices used by people who are accessing ‘relationship replacement’ services such as camera phones and webcams.