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She had made such a big deal about the magazines, and then she goes off and sends a photo like this to a guy she doesn't even really know. She gathered up the assortment of bag from her shopping spree and headed inside. John called up the attached photo and was nearly knocked over by what he saw. Janice suddenly realized that her MAN thinks she had a whole wardrobe full of exciting lingerie. She looked over and saw that the stores would be closed before she got to them. She checked the address again to make sure she was at the right address. It was such an obvious lie, but she just couldn't bring her self to allow anyone to think she was buying one of these for herself. She could agree with what the man said and act like she knew what she was doing. "Well if your friend is any kind of real woman at all, I'm sure she's going to want quite a few of our *items*." Janice bristled for a moment at the question of whether or not her "friend" was any kind of real woman. " He had to smile at that question as he watched her frown in thought. Well I'm not going back there, so I guess I'm stuck with all this stuff.

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It was no longer just a game, it had become a way for John to manipulate his unwitting mother. I can be anything you want me to be." That kind of submission from his mother shocked him, but that was not what had his adolescent dick standing at attention. It showed her sitting on her bed with her blouse halfway open showing off a lacy black bra and looking into the camera with a mixture of embarrassment, lust and longing. He couldn't tell if her face was redder from the vigorous fuck she'd just given her self, or from the embarrassment of having enjoyed it so much. , Don't bother I'll have one of the other adjustors get it for me. Honestly Janice your becoming more and more incompetent by the day! Janice looked at her as she went over to one of the other adjustors.

Satisfied no one was still looking she began to rock the chair left to right. "I'm getting so wet just sitting here like this." Realizing that if she kept it up she risked an embarrassing wet spot showing up against her skirt she stopped. Nothing to get yourself worked up about." Janice pulled over and waited.

She could already feel the moister just those few moves had made. The car door opened and a formidable looking female officer stepped out.

He had mentioned in one of his e-mail how he thought a growing boy should be allowed to stay up as late as he wanted. As John stared at the picture something inside him new that this was going to change everything between them. Making Mother my SLUT Part 4 (Decisions of desperation) Janice awoke feeling sore, tired and very troubled that morning. She noticed her shapely toned legs and the way her ass swayed ever so slightly.

Of course his mother had agreed wholeheartedly in her response and it was soon after that John found his bedtime curfew lifted. A slow grin cracked his face as he reached down to rub the bulge in his jeans. As she drove into work, her mind tried to sort out the jumble of emotions she was feeling. "I bet she never had to rummage around her refrigerator at two in the morning trying to find something to shove up her pussy, just so she could prove herself a *real woman*.

More than enough time he thought as he booted up his computer and logged on to check his e-mail. It had been over 5 years since his dad left, and in all that time she had not once even mentioned dating.