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01-Mar-2017 13:24

I found the last yearbook saying "I am not sure if you really like me from your actions" and he fell for it thinking he did. I guess even just talking to her made him feel like he was back in high school, if that's all that was going on...knows.Probably left me so he could hook up with her if he has'nt already.He receives emails on his laptop and Blackberry and he set it up so I have a separate Blackberry account. He initiated the contact and shared personal information about our relationship, our son, my family, etc. It's really sad that these men want to destroy long term relationships and throw them away like a used napkin.He was over the top, gushy with his compliments for her beauty, intelligence, sweetness and a myriad other characteristics. He told her to remove herself from his Facebook page so I wouldn't see it. Karma is a **** and I believe they will one day get the pain returned.

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The good thing is his ex-girlfriend lives in a different country. I think you might be best to tell him to move out temporarily until he feels he is mature enough to talk with you about this. He is having an online affair with her and he wants you to be oblivious to it.

Recently at 2am in the morning I caught chatting with his ex-girlfriend and he was saying he just catching up with her just like all the other friends. He has deleted all the messages expect for one in the sent folder which said "Sorry..struck in a meeting...waiting online... So I questioned him and as usual he claimed innocence.

I asked him what does MY stands for and he said meet you should be MYT.he said meet you...later I went online and found out it meant "Miss you".

Normally I would say pack it up and leave because obviously this affair is an addiction like anything else, gambling drugs whatever. He will just alienate her further because he is so obsessed with this. We already know by his sneakiness and elusiveness he is guilty as sin and does not want to hear her distaste. When you are people smart, you do not need electronics. I read this post because I searched on "seeing former girlfriend after 20 years".

My BF did that to me and I found his little attempt to do that to me because it shows up as a new program. I have been happily married to my wife for 17 years, but have struck up a relationship with my first love (lost virginity to her) from over 20 years ago. " and I used a fictional FB name that was [apparently] close enough for her to figure out who I was.

Husbands and wives should naturally share things like this and his behaviour is all too suspicious that there is something to hide. He thinks its good enough he is there as your husband and paying the bills. The end result is you pack up quick and leave him and he wont even notice because his face will be planted staring at his mobile Fbook. Gosh I have to agree with gymgirlie...sounds like an online affair. Are you and your husband still close or have you grown apart?

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