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01-Mar-2017 13:24

But this was also the type of guy to make accusations even when I had proof of conversation. I can't tell you what your husband is feeling, but I can tell you my story (though only in a very abbreviated fashion). She was so kind to me, and has become such an amazing lady-- and still so beautiful--we have emailed and texted quite regularly over the last 6 months or so.She has a wonderful family, but has let me into her life.My husband found his girlfriend from when he was 16 for 1 year on FB - he talked from April until May and in June he slept with her June 1x, July 1x, Aug 1x, Sept 2x, Dec 1x, and I caught him in January. My common law husband of 13 yrs either did it or is thinking about doing it. Conveniently after meeting up with an old high school friend from FB.The call volumes tell the story - in may after a 2 hour then 4.5 hour call the first sexual encounter was set up= the **** did not even want to go for a coffee or lunch he offered, after 30 years. I'm now 57, left all alone, lonely, broken hearted, devistated and he even cries about our broken relationship.I feel guilty, but I can't deny the wonderful feelings I have had--feelings I haven't felt for soooo long!Throughout this time, I went though a phase (about 2 months ago) where I was wildly enfatuated with her. It can make us feel things we thought we would never feel again. The truth is that I would never deliberately hurt my innocent husband, who has loved me even when I was at my most unloveable. And as Jim said, I have to be mindful of how green my own grass is.I should mention that I live in NY and she now lives in FL.

You must be strong at this time and like gymgirlie said "Decide if that is good enough". I honestly wouldn't chat with hubby about it since he simply is hiding and its sooo obvious he wants her to look the other way. It is the worst and if she talks to him and aint easy leaving and supporting yourself.

So I sent him an invition, which he never accepted.

That's when I started suspecting that there was more to it. Also he locks his phone with a password, which he never reveals to me. The other day, I wanted to share a video on FB so I asked him to log on, he refused to give me his password and finally when i logged on and accepted my invitation.

I found the last yearbook saying "I am not sure if you really like me from your actions" and he fell for it thinking he did. I guess even just talking to her made him feel like he was back in high school, if that's all that was going on...knows.

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Probably left me so he could hook up with her if he has'nt already. I'm on facebook and encouraged my husband to also get an facebook account so we can stay in touch with our relatives and friends, but he refused saying it is for teens.Recently I found him FB and he said he just signed up.Again on confrontation he said that he loves me so much... He not willing to prove his innocence, but wants to trust me all the same.

May 23, 2017. Chatbots are a new channel opening up for customers and potentially employees to interact with companies and/or government organizations. Since only text is available for interacting with the user, the quality of the conversation is key. As discussed in the last blog titled How can Chatbots meet.… continue reading »

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Dec 27, 2015. The force's cybersecurity bureau warned men to be vigilant and not to take off their clothes during video sex chats, as they risk having their erotic clips circulated on the internet if they did not pay. “Be alert when a pretty girl suddenly adds you on Facebook or on Skype,” said chief inspector Sean Lin.… continue reading »

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