Side effects of sedating a horse

11-Mar-2017 03:06

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obviously, the ideal situation is to spend some time training your horse to get used to clippers.

Often using some small battery powered clippers (human ones, or little trimming clippers) are a really nice way to get your horse used to the vibrating sensation – you can just hold then next to the horse, then against the horse, stroke the horse with them etc. Don't be in a rush when acclimatising them – as with all horsey things, it's shorter in the long term to spend more time at the start to make it as stress free as possible.

They are both more expensive drugs but they are very effective and you use a smaller amount of them.

Cattle: Intramuscularly - Range of 0.25 to 0.75 m L/45 kg body weight (Equivalent to 0.11 to 0.33 mg/kg or 0.05 to 0.15 mg/lb).

Minor surgical procedures of short duration such as debridement, removal of cutaneous neoplasms and suturing of lacerations. To calm and facilitate handling of fractious animals. Therapeutic medication for sedation and relief of pain following injury or surgery. Post anesthetic or emergence excitement has not been observed in animals preanesthetized with Rompun has been used successfully as a preanesthetic agent for pentobarbital sodium, thiopental sodium, thiamylal sodium, nitrous oxide, ether, halothane, and methoxyflurane anesthesia.

Never leave twitches on too long and make sure you let the endorphins kick in before you start.

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Make sure you check the clippers are not getting hot, oil regularly and never forget that horses can kick very powerfully and very accurately, even when heavily sedated.Legally, any animal we prescribe for has to be seen to be under our care, so oral sedatives can't be prescribed without the horse having been seen – this can be done at routine visits (for vaccinations or teeth, for instance).The 2 options for oral sedatives are ACP (Oralject Sedazine) or Dormosedan Gel (Detomidine Hcl).You get a good 35- 40 minutes of heavy sedation then around the same again of increasingly lighter sedation.