Simon cowell dating other judge

29-Aug-2017 17:07

Whilst her other half Simon Cowell is renowned for sticking to a Simpsons-esque look consisting of high-waisted jeans and a jumper, Lauren is much more experimental and loves to try out the latest trends.Here, she's gone for some fab leather skinnies, teamed with metallic stilettos and a chic blazer that channels the ongoing military trend.The navy number is by Balmain, who have made the military blazer one of their most signature items and have various versions available - Kim Kardashian is regularly spotted in her leather style.Although Lauren's exact jacket featuring silver buttons is sold out, you can click right to buy the same style with gold buttons.

You didn’t watch “American Idol” at all, after you left the show, right? When we started, we found people with great personalities. A lot of music shows, all types of things, but this is the only one that interested me. Then it’s spending time with your development team, which is probably the most important thing; otherwise you’re just doing meeting after meeting, which drives you nuts. And also spot someone who isn’t obvious, but could be good — that’s the whole point of doing these shows. It was good for me because they obviously had worked together for a few years so they’ve got great chemistry, great shorthand, they really are friends.

I actually thought I was being punk’d half the time. Was it tough to take off your producer’s hat to be a judge? When you sit in auditions and even after a long day, someone comes in and just blows it out of the park, it’s a fantastic feeling. And there’s somebody who I think of like Susan Boyle, but a much younger girl who I just didn’t expect to be good, [but] was honestly incredible and so unexpected. I kind of felt like the new boy on day one, but I found it really comfortable from almost the minute I got there, to be honest with you.

That’s what I’ve always thought about the “Got Talent” brand — it has that ability to do that. It happened a few times when we did the auditions this year. They had this thought that I was the boss, which I never, ever, ever came in with that attitude — if anything, I felt a bit like the outsider.

During the first two years of , viewers saw the two frequently engage in arguments -- and Cowell says that wasn't just for the show.

"I mean, the truth was, on the first two seasons, we couldn't travel on the same plane together.We really disliked each other that much," he said, blaming her "sexual tension" for the animosity between the two.Cowell and Abdul have poked fun at the rumors they were dating in the past, including in an Idol skit where the two were seen on a date and later sharing a kiss."I'd let her stay for a few hours, but then it would have to be goodnight," he joked.