Sims 3 dating multiple sims

13-Apr-2017 16:04

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My sim is a dead-beat dad to 3 children so far; although I actually have four. I wonder what would happen if everyone became related in the game. I've been wondering that for awhile, it may be hard work, but i'm gonna find out, i'm gonna have every young adult/ adult pregnant, then when the teens become young adults and my charecter and adult, do it again.

it is tough as hell, but it's been intresting so far.

However, you can find Special Seeds around the same graveyard where you located the plant itself, which a Sim with a Gardening skill at level 7 can plant to produce additional plants.

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EA has marketed and recruited companies such as Bullfrog Productions, Firaxis Games, and Tilted Mill Entertainment to develop several games under the Sim brand.

Are you guys aware that there is a bug that causes sims to have multiple wives? His living wife could marry this sun and after midnight when the ghost will do some floating around your lot you can see the ghost of the dead husband shown as the finance of the living wife, WHILE she is married with her step-son.

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During gameplay, press CTRL SHIFT C (CTRL SHIFT Windows Key C for Vista) to bring up the cheats console. Normally, a visit from the Grim Reaper represents the end for your sim, but you can delay that if you present Death with the Death Flower Bush.

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The effects were seen on patients with the secondary progressive form (SPMS) of the common neurological disease.

If I start dating a random girl and we woohoo can she get pregnant or does she first have to live in my house/or play as her for that to happen?

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