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Beginning with the I series, the regular show returned to a post-watershed slot on BBC Two.

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In the third series and onward, Fry's answer cards were dispensed with altogether, leaving only the screens as proof that such answers had been predicted. [About the number of kisses given as a greeting in certain regions] Stephen Fry: And 5 is Corsica, I suppose... They really have very little to do in Corsica do they? [About the ] Stephen Fry: The University of Amsterdam used emotion recognition software to analyse the famous enigmatic smile. Episode F.08 "Fashion"[] : I was at a party here, and this guy was telling me about when he wore corduroy, and he says, "You're an American, do you know what corduroy is? I went along with it because there's nothing like the warm look on white people's faces when they feel like they're teaching you something.

Bonus points are sometimes awarded or deducted for challenges or incorrect references, varying from show to show.