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Fill me in if you like, I have a feeling that GRS even have connections to Blizzard somehow.I doubt it is only chance that Toshley's troops had blue striders(it was my invention 4 years ago) and that they have made a Winzy(as far as I know, there were no Winzy before I made her 5 1/2 years ago) in Cataclysm.

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Seeing Stormwind crawing with fourlegged drooling creature is for just too immersionbreaking.23. Let the player make choices, so that you could never get everything, no matter what you did, but your choices on the way would give you a distinct look or connection.25. Your actions would make you prone to be able to understand the other factions language, but it should require a very very very long term relation, like if you killed the opposite factions leader, you would not be able to understand their language, ever. No more fishies that made Winzy so rich in the old days. This was just from the top of my head while drunk, there are likely at least 10 more things I would like to see differently in the future of WOW.

If there are people who rolls on gear they should't have, then the community should solve that, not game-mechanics.14.

Skip all seasonal events, or create something creative that stems from WOW lore, not from RL.

By the way, Grimmspanners organized attack on Orgrimmar is just the way it should be done, parachutes are great! Roll back time so DK's could become the class they should have been, and was in the past. Give Trolls and gnomes a proper capitol, and design the gnomes capitol in a way that will grant them access to the sea, with submarines.

That night it was raining gnomes over Orgrimmar, it is something they will remember, those few that were aroun. And with connection to all major cities of the world, by sea! Let the under water areas be swarmed by elites, so that no player character could ever go there again, and by that make a new mythology! Remake the world in a way that will make it feel like one world and not 10!Make an option where random dungeon group culd only be from you own server, so that rude players could over time become ignored.11.Make the instances even harder, so that you would have to use all you abilities together to succeed, make them a puzzle, and reward it.Her ser dere min opprinnelige post på forumet til The Gnomish Rescue Squad på serveren Argent Dawn. I mean they messed up world, that makes no sense anymore because it is fragmented and out of time.

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