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Make cross-connected portals in all capitols, so that you can be located to the capitol where you feel your character belongs.Even Exodaar feels more at home for Winzy than Stormwind does nowadays.) NPCs that killed Ragnaros together with her...makes no sense at all, even less sense than Winzy breathing submerged in the ocean. And the cheebouncing is gone, now it is only bouncing, and that is what elves do! Worgen should only be in animal shape when in battle, among other people they should look human.Seeing Stormwind crawing with fourlegged drooling creature is for just too immersionbreaking.23. Let the player make choices, so that you could never get everything, no matter what you did, but your choices on the way would give you a distinct look or connection.25. Your actions would make you prone to be able to understand the other factions language, but it should require a very very very long term relation, like if you killed the opposite factions leader, you would not be able to understand their language, ever. No more fishies that made Winzy so rich in the old days. This was just from the top of my head while drunk, there are likely at least 10 more things I would like to see differently in the future of WOW.My chice for now will be Rift, but some day I will return to Winzy, but I think they should develop the game better than what I have seen lately. I got this message when i tried to post: This game licence has expired or been frozen.And I treid to post in this topic: If u could would make your own mount, what would it be? Winzy is most likely taking up too much space on this company's servers, so when(if) I decide to return to Azeroth, I will get the message: "Thanks for subscribing again.Blizzard have so many great people in their company, that such a lazy solution only tealls me one thing....greed and no respect for the gamers! They have implemented fuctionalities in the game that triggers greed and ugly things that I do not feel comfortable with.How are the myths gonna survive if there will always be something new and easy-mode?!!!! I want a world that is believeable for my character, not a world where I as a player can prove how sick I am.

Make the instances even harder, so that you would have to use all you abilities together to succeed, make them a puzzle, and reward it.

By the way, Grimmspanners organized attack on Orgrimmar is just the way it should be done, parachutes are great! Roll back time so DK's could become the class they should have been, and was in the past. Give Trolls and gnomes a proper capitol, and design the gnomes capitol in a way that will grant them access to the sea, with submarines.

That night it was raining gnomes over Orgrimmar, it is something they will remember, those few that were aroun. And with connection to all major cities of the world, by sea! Let the under water areas be swarmed by elites, so that no player character could ever go there again, and by that make a new mythology! Remake the world in a way that will make it feel like one world and not 10!

The way people think they can blast through challenging adventures today is just utterly sad. Make battles less dependant on tanks and healers, tune them to suit the setup of those who enters, but keep it challenging. That is just a way to distribute gear to people who do not respect eachother.

It is a reflection of how easy it is to get rewards in real life today, and I deeply dislike it. I will never forget the old days when GRS went to Maurodon without tanks and healers, we struggled hard all the way, we never came to the end, but what an epic adventure! Everyone should be able to roll on anything they like, at any time.If there are people who rolls on gear they should't have, then the community should solve that, not game-mechanics.14.Skip all seasonal events, or create something creative that stems from WOW lore, not from RL.Stop making quests where you have NPCs with you that is overpowered. Roll back to ythe old skilltrees, the new ones are rubbish.

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