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On top of that, SM Entertainment rarely admits that an artist is dating." Another entertainment insider alleged, "I think Jung Kyung Ho wants his relationship to be public, but he won't be able to reveal his girlfriend. Relationships are proudly revealed these days, but it's different when it comes to Girls' Generation."What does SM Entertainment have to say?

The agency has announced to various news sources, "The dating rumors are not true.

I want a big production with her, a super fun teenage romantic comedy drama starring our pretty Sooyoungie and a popular actor! ♥ Her acting is really the best in SNSD and she is soooooo insanely pretty! honestly speaking and disregarding the fact that she is my ultimate bias, i think she can act better than Yoona or Suzy... if she would be given a chance to lead in a kbs/mbc/sbs drama, i'm pretty sure the staff won't be disappointed, she might even get some other projects after...

His girlfriend is not a non-celebrity; it's Sooyoung."An alleged overseas date between the two stars was also revealed.

I heard that she dating with Jung Kyung Ho hey KBS, MBC, SBS WHY NOT MAKE A DRAMA FOR THIS CUTE COUPLE?! You have a super sweet, angelic kind of look that makes me love you so much!!! She is truly breathtakingly beautiful and she needs to have a lot of dramas! I'm not snsd big fan but when I watched her drama suddenly I became one of her big fans! By the way yes I want her in some kbs or mbc drama (as a female LEAD) Or maybe some big movie like sassy girl 2 (or 3? )) honestly, i'm envy with their body :( she has a nice face but when i see her legs i am afraid cause it's not nice . We are very proud of you as a fellow Korean -- there is no other girls singing group in the world that can possibly match your group at this point in time. Just wanted to clarify, my daughter says 'it's creepy' that an old man like me is a fan of GG, not the songs by GG are creepy. Hope GG becomes a bigger star than now in the USA and across the world, very soon.

Hope you keep on achieving more and inspire people. Got a little bit dissapointed because her partner actor is too old. She looks so perfect, happy, cheerful, bright, sweet, angelic, youthful.. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHOOSE GOOD MALE LEAD, I MEAN NOT TOO OLD FOR HER! Between her and yoona this two members are love food very much but people still called they still look slim (look anorexic, maybe(? We will be rooting for dea-bak in every stage throughout your tour.

It is true that the two are close, but they're not in a romantic relationship."It was previously revealed that Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho met in church and have become close as hoobae and sunbae of Chung-Ang University. Source: Sports World, Sports Seoul, Newsen, Osen im very sure this is just another rumour made by people for snsd 's comeback..

This is pretty shit,,the one who flew to japan and having a great dine with sooyoung during her birthday is Siwon.. It's so strange.cmon for sone who attend snsd's concert at know who came during that concert.T-T Please make more drama or movie to her cause I'm in love with her acting and her fashion huehehehe. And make sure that the lead actor has the same age with her (or not too far age gap) and handsome and tall. She's a celebrity." Jung Kyung Ho's agency originally stated that the actor has been dating a non-celebrity for one year after he announced he had a girlfriend on the radio show 'Shindong's Shim Shim Tapa'.'Woman Sense' also claimed, "The reason Jung Kyung Ho is unable to reveal his girlfriend is because of Sooyoung.

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Siwon dated Stella, not Sooyoung. The rumoured spergeneration couples were Tae and leeteuk, Tae and Kangin, Jessica and Donghae, Yoona and Donghae, Yoona and Kibum. kangin ? please it's just fans shipping them lol baekhyun even follow kangin in IG they are very close and even today tae and kangin.… continue reading »

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