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10-Jan-2018 04:47

If you listen to the radio today, it seems like every song is about casual sex or making money.We’ll listen to it occasionally as background music in the car, but we’ll always go for the classic tunes when we want to listen to real music that soothes the soul. We live in a world where people do everything in groups, and we really don’t get the appeal of always being with a crowd.

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They have an inner knowing about things without any logical or ready explanation.

It’s as if they “know by knowing.” If you feel that way about yourself, chances are you’re an old soul.

Know that your soul has a plan and a purpose for being here.

The world keeps changing, and it’s partially due to the influence of millennials.When troubles arise, they view them as challenges or learning opportunities.While they still react emotionally to difficulties, they are able to see the big picture in such scenarios.Every soul gets their turn at life lessons on earth or in some other existence.

Gail Prince, author of Soul Dating to Soul Mating, specializes in coaching relationships, authentic dating, and for those who choose it, being comfortably single. You might ask what the biggest error is that people make when they put themselves out there looking for a partner. Gail says it is simply not making themselves.… continue reading »

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