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10-Jan-2018 04:47

Some however, have been here longer or more times than others. Honestly though, we are truly eternal beings and the concept of time or “old” is just relative to our linear thinking in this dimension.

Most of us have been on this planet many, many times before.

While they appreciate it and try to bond with it, there is a nagging feeling that this planet isn’t their true home.You may have heard the phrase, “Oh, he or she is an old soul” when referring to people. But for argument’s sake, we can refer to old and young souls when discussing reincarnation and the spiritual journey.Sometimes people will even say this about a young child or baby! An old soul has been around the block a few times when it comes to lifetimes on the earthly plane. So in actuality a newborn baby could have a very old soul, while the parents could have younger souls. Being an old soul isn’t necessarily better or worse than being a young one, it’s just different.Know that your soul has a plan and a purpose for being here.

The world keeps changing, and it’s partially due to the influence of millennials.People think we’re weird when we’d rather be alone, but we need that alone time. We don’t understand the appeal of shows about the day-to-day drama of so-called real housewives or 50 grown adults living in essentially an overgrown frat/sorority house and alternately hooking up/fighting with each other. When we meet someone we like, we don’t want to play games and date other people in an attempt to make them jealous.There’s no plot; it’s just constant drama and it’s annoying. If there’s a connection, we want to give it a shot and see if it could be the real deal.They might gravitate towards movies, books and even antiques and clothing from their favorite eras.