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Unpack the sparky-mac10.2file by double clicking on it.You can move the Sparky application to any folder you like.Then you can move this shortcut icon to the desktop or some other more convenient place. I do not know which earlier versions of Windows (95/98/NT/2000/ME) it will run on.On some Windows 95 and Windows 98 systems starting Sparky fails with the error message "Out of environment space" and complaints about not being able to find the Tcl/Tk libraries.The Linux version requires C version 6 runtime library.You can see whether you have this by looking for /lib/6 on your system.

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I don't distribute a version that runs with older libc5 libraries because I don't have a Linux machine with older libraries to compile on. It will not run on earlier versions of SGIs IRIX operating system (eg 5.3).The latest version is available at and is free for both academic and commercial users.To help us obtain grant money for further Sparky development we request that you register on the Sparky web site if you have used the program more than ten times.This happens because Windows limits the total number of environment variables.

The Sparky start up script needs to set a few variables to specify where Sparky is installed and where the Tcl/Tk libraries are.Apple includes an X server with Mac OS 10.3 but it is an optional installation. The Sparky icon will continue to bounce in the Dock for about a minute after Sparky has been started.One way to avoid this visual annoyance is to turn off bouncing icons by switching off "Animate opening applications" in Dock preferences (under the Apple menu).You have to restart the X server after changing the wm_ffm or wm_click_through preference.

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