Speed dating advertisement

18-Jan-2017 19:19

People will drop their business cards hoping to be the winner!

Be sure to honor a prize to someone, honesty is the best policy.

Be sure to use your own hashtag (#) for your event branding with something catchy like #idatewithspeed.

Be sure to leave business cards, a dropbox to collect business cards, and signage at the venue. They are truly the eyes and ears of the singles who often visit your speed dating venue. Go Public Create a Press Release about your event and get it in the hands of every editor, columnist, and local event blogger you can find.Once the word is out in your social circle the word will spread.Since people talk, especially about dating and relationships, your name is likely to be a topic. Treat Your Venue Like a Partner Once your venue is booked, use them as a partner to help market your event.We’ve found that we gain many social media followers and it really gets people talking about the event online.